Boost Productivity and Celebrate Success with Corporate Luncheons

Posted On: Apr/17/2013

Luncheons are a great way to gather a group of employees, clients, or partners for a relaxed, yet productive, meeting. A warm setting and a delicious meal put everyone in good spirits. Once everyone has settled in, it’s time to get down to business! Let’s review some of the most popular reasons to hold a corporate luncheon and how our CT & NY car service can help you make it effective and memorable.

Monthly & Quarterly Planning

Planning meetings don’t have to be boring and stressful! Get your employees together to review your strategic moves over the next month or quarter over a satisfying meal. Melatonin, the sleep hormone, levels have dropped dramatically by 11am, meaning that the period between 11am and 2 pm is the best time to tackle tough projects, like finalizing your monthly plan. Ensure that your employees are on time and ready to get to work by sending our NY & CT car service to pick them up.

Hold Exploratory Meetings

If you’ve just booked a new client, schedule a luncheon to start discussing the parameters of the project. Due to the moderate levels of cortisol between 9 and 11 am, creativity and focus are both at a high. Capitalize on this with an early luncheon with your new client to brainstorm creative solutions to any issues or challenges they may have. Ensure that you start your relationship off on the right foot by booking our CT & NY car service to transport your client to the location.

Celebrate Success with Our NY & CT Car Service

While luncheons can be extremely productive, they don’t have to focus solely on work. Celebrate a successful project by gathering all of the team members involved for a special meal. Recognize a superlative employee by holding a luncheon in his or her honor. Taking the time to show your appreciation for your employees with a special luncheon boosts morale by showing your employees that the work they do does not go unnoticed. Take your gratitude to the next level and book our CT & NY car service to transport your employees to and from the event.

Whether you’re planning a strategy meeting with your internal team, scheduling a brainstorming session with a new client, or celebrating a successful project, luncheons are a wonderful option. Go the extra mile with your next luncheon by booking our NY & CT car service for your attendees.

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