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Posted On: Sep/16/2013

Whether you’re flying across country or driving across town, impressing your clients with prompt, prepared and professional arrival is half the battle in securing long term client relationships. Taking your CT & NY car service ensures all three!


Our CT & NY car service drivers make sure that you arrive to your destination on time. Flying to meet a distant client? CTNY Limo’s NY & CT airport service drivers diligently follow traffic and weather reports, notifying you of any changes so that together you can adjust your pick-up time accordingly. The same personal attention goes into our CT & NY car service for more local meetings.


Taking our NY & CT car service gives you that extra bit of time to prepare that makes all the difference. When you drive yourself, you’re focusing on following the directions of your GPS and safely arriving at your destination. By taking our NY & CT car service, you allow yourself a little extra time to check the news so that you’re up to date on breaking topics, review your client research and run through your presentation. This extra prep time that our CT & NY car service allows ensures that you will be in top form during your meeting.


We only choose the most stylish and comfortable vehicles for our NY & CT car service. Your clients will be impressed by the air of professionalism our CT & NY car service lends to your arrival, especially if you are picking them up for a lunch meeting or site visit.

Ready to impress your clients and build strong, long-term relationships? Take our CT & NY car service to your next meeting.Get a quote today

Pets: Add a “P” for pets

We will transport your pets as well. This photo is for fun, but we can pick up your pet at the airport when they arrive. (:


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