Let’s Do Lunch: CTNY Limo & Lunch Meetings

Posted On: Mar/08/2013

Whether you’re a small business owner or working for a large national company, you’re probably busy with meetings, special projects, and presentations, on top of your daily tasks. Your clients, partners, suppliers and other individuals with whom you do business are likely just as swamped as you. Sometimes it can take weeks to find a time when you’re both free at the same time to hold a meeting. A little creativity, and a ride from our NY & CT car service, helps you get a meeting on the books more quickly. You don’t need to meet in your office or theirs to connect, lunch meetings offer the perfect opportunity. After all, everyone has to eat!

Scheduling meetings over the lunch hour gives you more flexibility to meet on a day that works for both you and the other party. Book our CT & NY car service to pick-up both you and your client to make even better use of your time. On top of impressing your client with our professional NY & CT car service, you’ll be able to start your meeting right there in the car, reviewing your agenda and assessing figures and documents. This extra time could mean the difference between closing the deal and leaving empty handed.

Not only do lunch meetings allow you to schedule meetings with ease and make the most of their time, they let you meet on neutral ground. Taking our NY & CT car service to get out of the confines of the office removes any home turf advantage either party may have and gives you the chance to really connect on a more personal level. Food is comforting and a good meal naturally makes people more amicable. A warm, inviting atmosphere with delicious food sets the perfect stage for a successful meeting.

Struggling to work an important client meeting into your busy schedule? Request a lunch meeting and use our CT & NY car service to get you to the restaurant. You’ll have a more productive meeting with a greater chance of success!

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