Retreat from the Status Quo: CTNY Limo & Corporate Retreats

Posted On: Mar/25/2013

Corporate retreats offer companies an opportunity to get their employees away from the office and in a fresh space. This allows them to think creatively and come up with novel ideas and solutions, making them perfect for gathering key decision makers for strategy meetings. These events are also a great way to introduce and transition to a new change in your organization, such as a modification in leadership. If you have just hired a new group of employees, retreats are the perfect way to kick off the on-boarding process. Make it easier for your employees and boost the camaraderie at your next retreat with our NY & CT car service.

Close to Home

You can find everything you need for a successful corporate retreat within an hour or two of your office. Looking for an adventurous bonding experience? Book a stay at secluded cabins or cottages and plan a trip to a ropes course for team building activities. Would you rather provide a relaxing stay for your employees, while ensuring a convenient location for your meetings and activities? Reserve a floor at a luxury hotel with a spacious conference room. Either way, our CT & NY car service helps you begin the bonding before you even leave your office. By hiring our NY & CT car service, you allow your employees to socialize and bond on the ride over and kick off the trip with a sense of unity. Everyone arrives together and everyone will leave together!

Far & Away

Sometimes you need to ensure that your retreat is far removed from the distractions at home. Whether it’s a tropical oasis or a mountain lodge, far off destinations may have just what you need to meet the goals of your retreat, especially for gatherings of your key decision makers. A new setting allows you to think creatively, outside of the confines of your office. Reduce the stress of traveling for your employees and executives by booking a ride with our NY & CT airport service. Either have our drivers pick them up at their homes or schedule your CT & NY airport service pick-up for your corporate office. Not only do both of these options allow your employees to relax and bond with one another on the ride, they reduce your costs for employee airport parking.

Why wait to begin your team building until after you arrive at your destination? With our NY & CT car service, your employees can start bonding – and relaxing – as soon as they board one of our luxury vehicles. Does your company have a corporate retreat coming up? Book our CT & NY car service for your event today.

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