Stress Less at the Airport When You Arrive with CTNY Limo

Posted On: Dec/18/2012

Anyone who has traveled by air can attest to the stress induced by the experience. In fact, one third of travelers surveyed* stated that the average work week is less stressful than the airport experience, while almost one quarter claimed that the airport experience is more stressful than moving. Contributing factors to this sometimes overwhelming stress include the lack of control over things like flight delays and lost baggage, the busy environment and time deadlines.

What’s more, many individuals are stressed before they even step foot inside the airport. Getting lost en route to the airport affected 13% of travelers, while finding a parking spot increased the anxiety levels of 14% of passengers.

Still, in our world today, flying allows us to travel in ways that we have never been able to achieve before. We can visit family across the country (or the ocean), do business all over the globe, and explore the world.

Given that flight is sometimes the only option, how can we reduce the stress involved in the airport experience? We focus on the things within our control! Flight delays and the hustle and bustle of the airport are simply things we must accept, but there are stressful aspects of the experience that you can eliminate – with a little help from CTNY Limo NY & CT airport service.

First, CTNY Limo’s experienced CT & NY airport service drivers will ensure that you do not get lost on the way to your destination. Not only does this eradicate the anxiety that mounts when you are lost, it makes certain that you will arrive at the airport on schedule.

In addition, when you use CTNY Limo for Connecticut or New York airport service, there is no need to worry about (or schedule extra time for) parking your car. We drop you off just steps away from the check in area. Plus, while you’re away, you won’t have to fret about your car being left in an unattended parking lot; it will be safe at home!

Many of the factors that contribute to a stressful airport experience are uncontrollable, so why waste time worrying about them? Instead, focus on those that you can influence, such as how you get there. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, CTNY Limo CT & NY airport service can ensure that you start your trip off right!

*Study Conducted in the UK by Credit-Card Insurer CPP

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