Succeed at Trade Shows with CTNY Limo

Posted On: Feb/22/2013

Trade shows provide a number of valuable opportunities for your company. They give you a chance to meet with more potential customers, buyers, and suppliers than you could ever dream of in such a short period of time. You can test new products before they hit the market, gain insight on the industry as a whole and the direction it is headed in, and take advantage of countless sales opportunities. That being said, there is a great deal of stress put upon the employees who represent your company at the trade show. For those few days, they are the faces of your company. They must ensure that all of the promotional items are safely transported and displayed at the show, actively engage booth visitors and other attendees, and coordinate additional meetings post-show. You can reduce some of the stress by booking our NY & CT car service to transport them to and from the event.

Local Tradeshows

Is your trade show within the tri-state area? If so, our NY & CT car service can transport your employees directly from your office to the show location. Our CT & NY car service drivers will carefully load and unload all of your trade show cargo, allowing your employees to relax and prepare for the event. There’s no need for your employees to worry about parking fees with our NY & CT car service; our driver will drop them off at the event and promptly pick them up when the event is over. Furthermore, using our CT & NY car service ensures that all of your employees arrive at the show at the same time, allowing them to work together to set up and prepare. As an added bonus, carpooling with our NY & CT car service helps reduce your carbon footprint!

Distant Shows

Traveling to the show by air? Our CT & NY airport service can reduce your employees’ travel stress and ensure that they arrive at the airport on time. Our NY & CT airport service drivers will load and unload your employees’ luggage and trade show packages, lightening the load for your employees. They won’t need to worry about leaving their cars at the airport, especially during the winter months. They’ll simply be dropped off and picked up at the loading locations.

Show your appreciation for your hard working employees who represent your company at trade shows by making their travel easy and stress free. Have a trade show coming up? Book our NY& CT car service now!


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